How to Plan and Design Ayurvedic Wellness Spa

Today's hectic lifestyle and getting busier of the day, one thing that is becoming scarce all the time available to you, a & # 39; s family or their welfare. This scenario is not only scary, but also dangerous, because disaster is a physically and mentally healthy body inside. This realization gave birth to a profitable niche business globally – Wellness Business. Today, wellness centers around the world are doing booming business. Although there are no reliable data are available, conservative estimates target a huge $ 250 billion figure the size of this market, and even more than that.

The global competition in the wellness industry spawned a number of styles and wellness therapies emerge. The latest fad seems to be the traditional Indian system of Ayurveda. Although there are many well-designed ayurvedic wellness centers in India and in particular his hometown in Kerala, which is interesting to note that a strong need for this therapy is generating a lot of interest in the luxury hospitality industry. You can find today ayurvedic wellness centers and luxury hotels Resort Spa & # 39; s worldwide.

The science of Ayurveda is based on the idea that the universe is composed of five elements, which the air, fire, water, earth and space (ether). All these elements are present to us three energies called "doshas", ie Vata, Pitta and Kapha. If any power higher than the proportion formed in the body, the balance of elements is impaired, the body loses its balance. Every human being has a specific ratio and maintaining wellness depends on this essential balance. The science of Ayurvedic therapy helps to maintain energy balance or dosha.

Planning Ayurvedic wellness center is a complex task. This not only requires in-depth knowledge of the science of Ayurveda, the science of Vastu but for best results. The treatment is very self-centered and therefore very close attention. A well-designed Ayurvedic wellness center therefore consists of three basic parts.


Because the therapy is very focused individual, it requires direct experience with a & # 39; Ayurvedic body and individual counseling by medical experts. A well-equipped rooms, it is necessary to sit in the spa finder to evaluate their energy levels and suggest remedies wellness.

Therapy Rooms

There are several therapy rooms provided, the number depends on the demand, and as a market survey. There are various types of therapy, and is therefore subject to the furniture in the room are different therapy is recommended. Typical operating room, however, will be a single piece of wood table called 'duty' to Ayurvedic massage therapy. Each room has its own steam box is connected to the central steam. The rooms also have their own attached bathroom or shower room.

Yoga / Meditation / workout room

Because Ayurvedic wellness because of physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the body, good ayurvedic wellness center is equipped with an area where the search engine wellness perform yoga exercises or meditation practice provided for a specific period of therapy to the entire result.

Ayurvedic wellness center and Ayurvedic spa at the right called to take care of two other factors that are essential. First of all, you need a qualified and experienced therapists on the one hand and the other therapeutic counseling. The second element in the therapy and therapeutic medium or various plant oils, powders and flavorings massages, body wraps baths. Some of the best ways ayurvedic spas architecturally specified that seems to brush the inner nature. Creating a traditional atmosphere assumed great importance in the overall personality of the bath.

Wellness in itself is a thriving and financially lucrative business. Ayurvedic spa business is profitable because it does not offer a "preventive" and "curative" therapy attracting both healthy people wanting to healthy and not so healthy wanting to get well. However, it is best to concentrate on the preventive aspects of spa therapies than to embrace the healing aspect as well. This would result in a "Spa" character of the facility diluted. Because someone wants to take part in a billion-dollar business, my advice would be that he should take the services of a professional advisor to ensure that begin with technologically reliable and financially viable footing.

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