Spa etiquette – how to proceed and what to expect from the Day Spa

This is the first time a day spa? You are probably apprehensive about the new experience and nervous because you do not know what to expect, or do not know the etiquette practices. Here are some ideas to help you fit through the bathroom and the smallest stress greater relaxation, which is the entire mission a day spa.

arrive on time

It is important that you arrive at least 15 minutes early to the meeting, thus saving time and complete all the necessary paperwork, and change your clothes. You might want to come early and take advantage of the spa & # 39; s sauna or steam room to relax more.

When scheduling your appointment, make sure that the time between the pads in the large spa appointments and other scheduled transactions. This is important because the feeling tense time deny the calming effect of massage. If for some reason can not get a meeting, call the day spa for at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting. This is common courtesy and requirements of the many spas in order to avoid a cancellation fee.

Maintain Silence

When you arrive, immediately turn off your mobile phone to maintain a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Also, make sure to speak softly, like a library. You're not the only one trying to relax at the day spa so that all the social conversation with a small amount and not to have children.


Most people are most concerned about this aspect of day spa. It is customary to undress completely in the massage, it involves jewelry. Towels and robes provided by most of the spas and should be used when walking from one room to another. The therapist instructs, and then leave the room while you are lying on the table and clothes drape over the body.

During treatment, the private parts remain covered at all times. If disrobing makes you uncomfortable, feel free to wear a swimsuit or leave your underwear. Also, if you prefer a same-sex therapist to mention that when scheduling the meeting.

Enter the therapist Feedback during

to communicate with the massage therapist. If you want a change in pressure, music, room temperature, or about, tell them. They want to be comfortable, and follow your lead. Also make sure to tell them all the problem areas, and if you experience pain.

to respect the schedule

After the massage, the therapist will tell you that the time to get up, do not start to feel dizzy or light headed. I will leave you alone in the room, but this is not the time to take a nap. The right time to lie on the table for 5-10 minutes before the uprising.

Do not take more than this, because the room must be disinfected and prepared for the next scheduled patients. If you feel you need more relaxation time, most spas, relaxation room which for this purpose. Care does not intend to rush anyone, but I still have a schedule to follow.


It is customary and polite to tip the therapist that provided the treatment. This happens when checking out and paying for the procedure not only gave the therapist. Like restaurants, the peak should be at least 15-20% of the cost of the procedure.

If you are still nervous the whole experience, tell the staff that this is the first time the entire visit. This ensures that you will get more detailed instructions and do everything they can to make your trip a positive and relaxing at the day spa.

Source by Abigail Aaronson

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