The key benefits of Hot Yoga

used a lot of allegations about the benefits of hot yoga. These thoughts are often enthusiastic public hot yoga fanatic devotees expressing their love of the guru program. To evaluate the truth of these claims & # 39; It s necessary to overcome the bias and take a honest look at the nature of hot yoga. Teaching

According to Patanjali, the & # 39; father of modern yoga & # 39; the asana is one part of an eight-legged system to give greater understanding. Asana refers primarily to cleanse and strengthen the body to prepare lengthy meditations and increased energy. In this environment of hot yoga is best suited to assist in the removal of ama, or waste.

Ama is considered the cause of all disease. This is a by-product of improper metabolism. This is not only related to digestion, but also includes all of the creation of the entire body. Ayurveda clarifies that there are seven tissue systems formed in the human body. Any failure of creating these tissues can lead to the accumulation of disease-causing AMA. Heat helps stoke the Agni and assists the efficient production of such mechanisms.

The body removes these three ways: sweating, urination and defecation. Hot Yoga improves metabolism, which helps to direct toxins to their proper removal areas. Only small amounts of toxins actually sweated out. Now let the urine and faeces. The urinary system of the body & # 39; and temperature control, so that the hot practicing yoga promotes frequent urination, so that the expulsion of those already stored in the system.

Hot Yoga directs the added heat from the digestive fire, ensuring that the food will be broken down properly and those removed. asana through cleaning is not limited to the physical world. After the gross ama removed, prana, subtle energy, allow to surge to move freely in the body for energy. Fine ama is also known as karma. Removing karmas of the subtle body of the overall goal of each asana practice. This will start the process of awakening described by Patanjali.

who are called yogis doing yoga, anyone aspiring to greater understanding. Yoga requires to be closer to look at the activities and intentions. Enjoy your asana class, but be careful not to become complacent. Explore the rich wisdom based on yoga. The benefits of hot yoga on the top tip of the iceberg.

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