By definition, perspective and Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is difficult to determine a sentence because of the range and depth of tradition, as well as yoga, the benefits of yoga therapy can be approached in different ways. It is important that a rational and unbiased determination of the people who are not accustomed to yoga, it is appropriate for people steeped in this practice and philosophy.

Yoga therapy is a specialized form of treatment, which includes a variety of yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation and guided imagery to enhance the physical and mental well-being. The main focus of this therapy is to inspire the unification of body, mind and soul. This special treatment is the use of yoga, where you have a specific health claim.

What are the applications of Yoga Therapy?

The main application of yoga therapy with one or more aspects:

(1) the right to develop the power of the senses, the power of muscles, concentration, gain power in difficult postures and the ability to work for extended periods of time. This sometimes use Shakti Karma.

(2) The use of yoga and yoga therapy to heal the specific problems, such as reducing the impurities in the body known as Dosha or energy centers He called the chakras or channels in the body. It's called Karma Chikitsa.

  • If the disease is present, you need to heal, called Chikitsa.
  • Where the disease is not present, it is necessary to prevent the so-called Rakshana.
  • If the disease is not present, and the individual has learned how to defend themselves, the practice needed the help of a coach, called Shikshana.

(3) The use of yoga postures to go beyond the physical and mental well-know or understand what is too limited sense of self, to understand one & # 39; s true self is not transformed witnesses existence – the so-called Purusha which converts all – is called Prakriti. This is called Karma Adhyatmik use of Sanskrit, and English names liberation Maya and Karma, recognition and worship of God.

from the main train of thought yoga therapy

  • Teach the exact things of man.
  • Variations of different people should be respected.
  • Teaching is the place from which the students come.
  • All students must be taught in accordance with his principles, etc. When
  • depends on the teaching time.
  • Depending on the occupation of the students, he should be taught different things. For example, an athlete must be taught in other ways, like a scientist.
  • One must know to be able to study how much ability, memory and time to practice.
  • The doctrine must comply with the direction keeping in mind.

Benefits of yoga therapy

amazing to see millions of people nowadays yoga to live day by day. Yoga therapy is also becoming mainstream in addition to the emotional well-being, as it focuses on healing the whole body, mind and soul. It strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system, body muscles, lungs and nervous system. It improves digestive problems; It helps to ensure the proper functioning of the digestive system and improve oxygen delivery to the body & # 39; s tissues.

In addition, important thing about this therapy is that you can easily set up soon in any form and style, as well as at the individual, such as old people are more benefits yoga yoga therapy practitioner president. Despite the fact that yoga therapy is a new form of treatment, it hails from an ancient practice. Since the clinically proven benefits, these days, most doctors reluctant to recommend this therapy to their patients. It helps treat a variety of health issues such as anxiety, headache, back pain, depression, insomnia or sleeplessness and so much more.

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