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six figures, personal trainer and a life

How much top-of-the-line personal trainers make? Well, when you are, what you are doing as a personal trainer to the millions of so many people on the Internet search engine configuration in the fitness industry, it feels like small change. For example, there is a hard sell automatic e-mail message to the fitness distribution for a while back in which he alleged that the & # 39; he is a millionaire, and that one of his friends in search of more than 150k – a month. Not much more than a year as a personal trainer, so I know that such "success stories" can make you feel as if you & # 39; heading down the wrong path. So why pursue a higher level of training? Why someone wants to become a personal trainer, and earn only 100K? Well, the answer has nothing to do with money.

Do not get me wrong; Income & # 39; s important, but there are other things to consider, such as:

– What & # 39; and the take-home pay?
– How many hours working on?
– Do you enjoy your job?
– Where are you going, professionally?
– Are you the kind of person you want to be?
– the performance of work or a bore?

These are the factors to weigh when deciding how much importance to bring that much you earn, it & # 39; we also have a top-level coach approx. This has nothing to do with income, because when you take into account the factors of what this profession offers much more than what it represents to 100K.

Not for nothing & # 39; and earned six figures wrong … After all, a $ 100,000 income in a certain cache and significance of America.

This means that members of the consumer society. You can participate in and enjoy what people call the American dream and way of life. If you stop to think of it, the whole consumer society dedicated to the marketing and the six-figure earners. For example:

– You can afford payments Mercedes Benz.
– it can make enough money to buy a home.
– You can afford to have a fashionable wardrobe.
– You can take the vacation home resorts and destinations abroad.
– you can afford to put away about 10% of their income each year.

This is all superficial? Yes, but if you can not or these things, you & # 39; You will feel left out, as if it & # 39; one un-cool that kids can not get into the party. But, the ticket to the party. We get feeling & # 39; I'll take a million dollars to live in a comfortable and attractive lifestyle. So you wind up working for years

end and sacrificing lives over the best year and a myriad of other things that we want the kind of life, but wind up wasting a lot of them that endeavor. I did not realize that I'd got us a simple plan for earning six figures! I remember when I first reached this level of earnings. There & # 39; and a sense of entitlement that comes with it – as if the curtain & # 39; They pulled back and a new world was made available.

Keep in mind that less than 10% of the people in today's society are looking for 100K. If we consider that type of work in personal training, and the fact that the training fees are so high, I think that & # 39; It is the best and easiest career to earn a six-figure salary. Simple, I mean you can earn that only training clients. You do not need to sell e-books, vitamins, books or balance boards, record videos, or open a small exercise studio. You can do the training profitable customers – period.

If you & # 39; They do not earn much, but as a coach, you & # 39; probably not thinking about what to do exactly. I do not know where and when to have a personal trainer in the fitness industry a bad rap, but I think the reason is because it & # 39; and typically are not associated with significant independent health club trainers who want to establish a stable practice. It & # 39; s why you hear a lot of people who get into fitness training for some reason they speak contemptuously. They want to skip the step to be a personal trainer. They & # 39; those who want a sports gym or a strength coach of a major sports team.

The & # 39; s nothing wrong; I get a leading position in this field is a big target and as a top-level coach can give these opportunities. It will be very easy to shape the future, you & # 39; Search 75-100 for about 25 hours a week. Even if you & # 39; college student working on a degree in Sports Science has earned a good income in this area will shoot straight up the career path. After all, what makes more sense? Working a part-time job while doing some independent tasks & # 39; in school or have successfully area you & # 39; learn? And remember, you can apply what you & # 39; learning in school, so that customers

The top-level lifestyle coach gave me the time to do and learn things that I never & # 39; ve able to get otherwise. Professionally, I learned to become an effective writer made many profitable relationships, wrote about the importance of training magazines and talk about the great conference. Personally, & # 39; It gave me the kind of high-profile lifestyle that he believed only reserved for drug dealers, and trust fund brats. Another group, which knocks a six-figure salary of trainers out there who think they & # 39; the search has been. But when you & # 39; we are talking about six figures, & # 39; s much & # 39; we do not talk. It does not mean that

– Made 150K in sales training class last year, we only took a small commission.
– Worked 60 hours of training children and old ladies (no, that & # 39; s something wrong, but it & # 39; s not for everyone).
– The "own" a gym. They earn more than any private gym owners & # 39; I ve ever met. They all business partners, so that only the minority in their gyms, and there was a lot of costs and working at least 60 hours per week. They do not own gym, the gym owned by them.

What & # 39; s more, I do not care that there is a private training facility because once paid to employees, costs, and advertising costs, you & # 39; very lucky and clever when it was home to over 100K – and again, they probably work a lot of long hours to do it over. No, when I say six figures, I really mean six figures take-home pay. That & # 39; s that possible? It & # 39; and because of the economy, the government likes to entrepreneurs. They & # 39; the people that the whole economy is possible in the first place.

Remember, if you & # 39; a personal trainer, it is technically a small business, even if you were not an employee or 10 regular customers. If you form an S-corp, as a small business, you can determine much of the costs as tax deductible. And tax documents S-Corps do not really studied – that & # 39; and the advantage of living in a capitalistic country. America loves and cares for entrepreneurs.

There are other bennies to consider, such as the fitness lifestyle. Did you know that most fitness conferences held in Vegas and Miami? This means that the hotel, airfare, and admission to the event is all tax deductible, as well as certificates of training, gym membership and exercise classes. So how to get that six-figure salary? The point is that only two things: management of expensive training, and finding and keeping about a dozen clients who can afford to pay for them. It really is that simple.

The ball & # 39; s before the court. Pursue.

Source by Kaiser Serajuddin

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