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people recover from traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussion or head injury, yoga offers a gentle exercise therapy benefits. Many survivors are unable to continue his trip earlier in shape. Balance limit the loss of motor control difficulties, dizziness and neck injuries in physical activity, further limiting the already shortened life. Fortunately, the practice of yoga to adapt to any illness or injury, lending particularly well TBI recovery.

Where do we start? Yoga & # 39; s recent popularity in the West, students can now choose anything hot Kundalini Yoga Ashtanga. In addition to people's neck or back injury, a head injury should start with a trained teacher of Iyengar Yoga, which uses without appropriate coordination in support of strain supplies. Kripalu trained teachers also offer quieter, remedial classes. Any yoga, which emphasizes flow (not too fast but) help retrain sequential processing benefits for people who have suffered the rational side of the left hemisphere. The Vinyasa sequences bind breathing and movement, emphasizing defined step by step progression order. Learning and memory of these movements, repetition becomes a kind of cognitive therapy.


starting a yoga practice, the survivors need to talk about treatment providers, as well as the planned yoga instructor. Most teachers ask injuries early hours, but few understand the complexity of their TBI. Explain to experience unusual sensitivity and restrictions, and ask the instructor for recommendations in its class, as well as suggestions on where to find more compatible classes. Yoga is supposed to support and nurture the growth does not exhaust the body and the nervous system.

Therefore, initially survivors may want to stay away from the Kundalini Yoga or Bikram yoga, both featuring intense training. Kundalini yoga aims to awaken dormant energy potential, which sounds like a good thing for TBI survivors. Indeed, it can help tremendously -. "Short-circuiting" of neurons stopped once and switched on Most of the survivors inaccurately Gage stamina, though easy to over-stimulate themselves. Kundalini Yoga works powerfully subtle level, which is the energy level is more difficult to trace. Sometimes the awakened kundalini quickly proves to be too much for a sensitive TBI survivor. Bikram yoga takes place in a very warm room, is moving rapidly through the promotion of sweating toxins. As Kundalini, Bikram devotees rave about its benefits. A hypersensitive survivors, although the excessive heat, body odor, and physicality that Bikram is a less safe option. In the beginning, look for more class titles such as "restorative", "beginning", "Iyengar", "Kripalu" and "Gentle".

Yoga Journal wide range of DVD & # 39; and, in the case of survivors prefer to learn in the comfort of their homes. Start with short sessions to build up the mental and physical endurance. Twenty-minute DVD & # 39; and make no survivors a sense of accomplishment possible fatigue caused by long hours and a half hour classes in person. Downward Dog Productions Sarah Bates also offers yoga DVDs are available specifically for people with disabilities. Home yoga workout brings you the most at the expense of the learning yoga, because the survivors can invest in one or two DVDs & # 39; and practice every day, instead of the class each time. On the other hand, support a good yoga instructor can customize routines survivors & # 39; with its own unique health challenges.

Besides sculpting lean, strong muscles and, of course, realigning the spine, yoga offers a TBI survivors a chance to reconnect with their bodies in a positive way. Robin Cohn, the TBI survivors and Vice transforming effects of the New York State Brain Injury Association recognizes the right of its recovery. "I started with a start & # 39; s gentle yoga, which slowly again get atrophied muscles moving again went the more the I began to feel better. "inspired, he began co-teaching a yoga class specifically for survivors. "These students are so excited to have the opportunity to yoga and the harvest of the wonderful benefits of asana and Pranayam (breathing). … The happiness, tranquility and peace that yoga brings to them is so rewarding! Smile that just let me know how much happy to be practicing. "

yoga brings awareness 5000+ years of connecting the human body, mind and spirit. It began as a means of calming the endocrine system and relaxes the body, it has been possible in the practice of meditation. Because of their soothing, calming and strengthening effect of exercise is ideal for TBI survivors, whose constant overload the system is running. Slowing down and puts himself center can help anyone deal with stress. Because TBI survivors, though, yoga provides a glimpse not only "normal" operation; Yoga also brings the chance for optimum health and well-being. Many practitioners experience the peace and self-acceptance for the first time in their lives, including before the injury. Yoga becomes part of a larger revival (facilitated TBI) survivors -helping to find and appreciate the blessings hidden in their way.

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