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Again and again I hear consulting clients say they can not afford personal training business to grow. They are stuck at a certain level of success in bootcamps, and they can not figure out why. To improve service and more personal attention than larger firms box. So what are they doing wrong?

The answer is usually small things that make the difference. One is to try to create a brand out of a commodity. It & # 39; It s impossible. The public now sees personal trainers, courses and challenges offered in every corner. Every magazine cover, and all the Facebook timeline is full of potential free and paid access to these services. These are general.

When the & # 39; it's the only thing left when the customer based on this comparison of their needs. If the location is better, the price is right, or & # 39; physically less intimidating, for example, you might have a shot. These random results. Do you want to calculate.

If someone goes on the Internet to find a Google search, they will find what they & # 39; looking for you? Few people go to Google to search for a boot camp nearby. A frustrated woman does not look like a personal trainer at night on the computer.

People are looking for solutions. There are problems. These problems are somehow became urgent. It could be a wedding, reunion, or for the summer season to feel a sudden urgency. The next question that someone writes to Google to help you find the answer.

What type if there was a 47-year-old woman who wanted to weight loss? What you type in the diet suggestions to work fast fat loss? Use these specific words on your website, business cards and the signature of the e-mail will help someone you think is the answer.

Instead of listing the alphabet soup you can select the most prestigious certification, and in the list. If you want the full biography can find it on your website. List your website or blog URL instead of being carried away. Be it a live link. There is a way that the customer finds valuable content when you get there.

Creating more than one signature to e-mails. To communicate personal trainers who are seeking a marketing coach, I list such as personal fitness professional & # 39; s blog URL and a website where anyone can learn coaching. After communicating with my 50 female market, I am also a wellness webinar page and the URL is intended the book to the market.

By being able to see people navigating to provide information on fitness after 50, the prospective customer knows immediately that there is a solution for them. They do not care what kind of data at a later time or experience is. While personal fitness professional clients know the answers to the fitness marketing mastery, you do not care what it is, degrees or certificates. Most of them too! Just do the marketing, branding and business background to the business revenue if they wish.

Determine who serve or wish to serve. Determine what & # 39; It s important to them. You can look at the e-mail signature. You get one shot. What & # 39; You've reached via e-mail that you are interested. Tell them immediately about them then, and not just their own self-promotion. must demonstrate the knowledge, not the you have to say.

The branding formula:

Your first name and two or three key authentication

2 . the availability of

3. Name, which is not a commodity. Personal trainer account. What else? You are the change agent? The weight loss coach?

4. Something for the client. This is the URL where you can get a video of an article to find out more about your website to a test or tools to help solve the problem.

5. Be easy to read. It contains less not more. Range. Use color or colon or separate lines.

6. Make links live. No one will love to copy and paste the URL into your browser and go find out.

This may seem small. Every little thing counts. The more educated, articulate and business intelligence to target more customers can smell lack of confidence that has shown to be listed in the data. The less educated the audience, the easier and faster to know the solutions. The end result in both cases is that we need them.

Source by Debra Atkinson

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