Is Bikram Yoga Safe after knee surgery?

torn meniscus in a knee surgery or total knee replacement sometimes becomes necessary; The rehabilitation of about seven to eight weeks; By then, all the inflammation, redness or pain will be taken care of; as you can take the weight on the affected leg without pain, you are ready to Bikram (hot) yoga. It is better to go slow in the beginning- after surgery- if there is any sign of redness, swelling or pain, keep in mind that the ice is. Also avoid stretching and bending the legs too far. In Bikram yoga an hour and a half performance is a major challenge, in a room kept at 105 degrees, forty percent level of humidity produced ample sweat to relieve your body of all toxic waste. It also increases the strength and flexibility after knee surgery; and prevent injuries in the future

after rewards Bikram yoga surgery

  • strengthens the inner and outer quadriceps
  • Strong internal, external, upper and lower muscles support the weak knees
  • while the increased blood flow and nutrients to the knee affected

knee fulfillment of yoga

Once knee surgery, one wants to return to a & # 39; s fast lifestyle, it is important that this be cautious. Adopting wrong poses or pushing beyond the limits further endanger the knees. In practice Bikram Yoga, as you are recuperating, keep the following in mind.

  • Keep your feet well spaced and aligned. Press down on all four corners of your feet most of the asanas. If your feet will not be in the correct position, your knees could be affected negatively.
  • The knee will be in line with your ankles, do not move it over them. This is important, especially for lunges and knee bends. The knee should be directed towards the middle toe. Still fold his legs extended forward, remember to pull up the arches of the feet.
  • Some postures of Bikram Yoga requires locking the knees, to refrain after surgery; you can pull the knee-caps, to take up the pose. If you need to hyperextend the knee in a certain pose, do this by making the most of your knees slightly bent position and fold forward positions.
  • If you do not open up the hips or fully extended, knees bear extra pressure during most of the standing posture. You must open the front of the hip in a class in order to avoid that this strain of the knee.

Bikram yoga practitioners who underwent knee surgery, particular attention should be paid to perform certain poses. Hero & # 39; It does, if they are not able to pull the right knee ligaments, while done properly, proves useful for the healing of the knees. Triangle pose there is a risk of closing or hyper-extending your knees. Seated Forward Fold-In, bend your knees a little to avoid further damage to the knee. In practice, Child & # 39; and pose a blanket between the buttocks and calves to reduce the strain on the affected knee. Since this branch of yoga places great emphasis on patience, you have to remember to be patient and allow time for the body to heal completely before placing a demanding schedule.

Source by Amna Babar

What is the difference between Kundalini, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga?

There are several different types of yoga practiced today. Three popular types: Kundalini, Vinyasa and Hatha.


Kundalini Yoga, also known as the yoga of awareness, named after the Kundalini or the energy thought to lie curled like a snake in the base of the spine. The teachings say that this snake or energy, "sleeping" or dormant. Practicing this type of yoga, the energy gradually "wakes up", expanding your attention.

Kundalini Yoga focuses on exercise of the spine and the navel center in order to awaken the Kundalini energy stored in the spine. Breathing is very important. Every asana should be exercised in a specific order to breathe.

Although it may be in a physical challenge, one of the more spiritual types of yoga. In addition to the asanas, there are certain mantras, chanting, and meditation series.

Despite the fact that the & # 39; Kundalini and leveled more than 5,000 years, almost everything we know comes from a man named Yogi Bhajan. knowledge Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga to the West in 1969 and taught until 2004.

Bhajan created 3HO (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization) to continue his teachings.


Vinyasa means "to put in a certain way," or "breath of movement." Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic, flowing form of yoga that focuses on the synchronization of movement and breathing. This focus on internal cleansing.

As the flow asana asana, or you can move on to the exhalation. Vinyasa or Flow, one of the more fast-paced type of yoga. It & # 39; It is full of variation. Each teacher will be a little different "flow". Compare this to Bikram yoga, which is always exactly the same pose in order.

Dubbed the "father of modern yoga" Sri T. Krishnamacharya Yoga Ashtanga-Vinyasa brought the modern world. Born in 1888, Krishnamacharya four students, one of which was called Parrabhi Jois. Jois continued to create the Ashtanga Yoga Institute, where he teaches Vinyasa Flow and exercises.


Hatha means deliberate or violent. It also means Sun Moon, which is full of contrasts masculinity / femininity, day / night, summer / winter, active / passive, etc. Hatha is the best known of the six main branches of yoga, which includes the Tantra, Karma, Raja, Bhakti, and jnana yoga.

Hatha usually focusing on stretching and form a slower economy means. This is normally held for 15-30 seconds of conscious breathing.

Hatha easily be traced back to at least the 15th century. The book, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, written by Svami Svatmarama, it is thought that the classic guide to yoga.

Source by Claire Austen

Operating principle Steam

There are two types of heat used to dry and wet saunas that heat. The wet bulb temperature from a thermocouple to high humidity, typically 65%, and frequently used is located in a steam baths, which tend to operate to 40 degrees Celsius and 50 degrees Celsius. However, due to the high humidity it feels much warmer. On the other hand saunas use dry heat. A moisture content of less than 20%, saunas heat up to 100 degrees Celsius. If there is less humidity, the conditions are much better than in the steam room and the breathing is much easier. Others find it a bit too dry, so a little water can be poured on the stones to increase humidity. Some more techno-savvy saunas infrared heating and supporters of this technology say that it is better because it provides a direct thermal stimulation and closer to the tissue penetration. The principle is always the same, though. Typically 10-15 minutes in a sauna and use the heat to induce perspiration.

The 10-15 minute sessions stimulate nerve endings to release acetylcholine, which then open the sweat glands found in the skin. This is a response to the controller, as the body heat to cool as a result of perspiration. The capillaries dilate blood vessels under the skin, which opens the pores of the skin to excrete toxins, excess oil and dirt results in glowing skin. When you have a shower, it can help to remove dead skin. One can release a liter of water in a sauna bath, and it's important to properly hydrated before getting a sauna bath because of it. Sweating, the body rids itself of toxins which are then released into the open pores of the skin.

The heat stimulates the endocrine glands, which secret endorphins, which are the feel good hormones, and this is the reason that the sauna bath left us feeling good. Without the increase in heart rate corresponding to the increase in blood pressure, to meet the increased blood flow. The dry heat improves lung function and improve respiratory problems. recommended against the moist heat of pneumonia and other respiratory diseases because of high humidity because of breathing difficulties. Too dry heat is better because it can damage the protective mucous in the lungs.

stimulates the heat of the body & # 39; and speeds up the metabolism favors the swimmers of the same perks as the slight body movements. Sweating can lead to weight loss, but there is a risk of dehydration and therefore does not need to replace the weight loss programs such as diet and exercise. The heating effect of alleviating muscle cramps, which together result in improved blood flow calming feeling, less stress and better mobility.

Source by Brian Murphree

Self Hypnosis, IQ and Genius

is the key to GENIUS, health, money, wealth, riches and happy relationship.
(Perhaps a better title would be "How to Become a Genius")

Most people can not access the & # 39; State & # 39; brilliant, because it does not have the right tool imprint in their subconscious mind all those useful, supportive beliefs and values ​​that enable them to easily and quickly access the & # 39; brilliant & # 39; everyone lives within.

Most people can not access the & # 39; State & # 39; The great and lasting harm because they do not have the right tool imprint in their subconscious mind and be helpful to support faith and values ​​that will make your body respond radiant, youthful health.

Most people can not learn the "How to Think like a millionaire" because it does not have the right tool to imprint the subconscious mind of the Millionaire Mind Secrets of Millionaires, billionaires and multimillionaires!

Most people can not develop a wonderful, fulfilling relationships, because they do not have the right tool to imprint your subconscious mind, useful, supportive beliefs and values ​​that attract these relationships in their lives.

And the biggest tool that will help you achieve all of the above and even "self-hypnosis, the ability to make yourself into a deep altered (trance) states and the subconscious mind is completely open and ready to receive and accept the instructions and commands.

want it to be an imaginative and creative genius? goal is to make money, lots of money? Do you want to become healthier? want to improve your relationships?

he purpose of the the subconscious mind is the key to the realization of these goals, and use the best and fastest means of self-hypnosis.

to be able to work his will, the deepest alpha and theta levels where you have quick and easy access to the subconscious . mind, the most valuable asset you'll ever learn

Are you ready to learn the methods of the world & # 39; s greatest geniuses yOU fastest way to financial success, money, wealth, riches, health and happy relationship?

1. Why did most of the programming methods do not MIND AGAIN!

fail because they are not taught how to use it to achieve the profound changes (hypnotic) state and reprogram the contents of the subconscious mind.

Instead limited to just the conscious mind, I say the same thing, that there is an error that is difficult to make money that will never be rich. Changes in surface and transient.

And rarely taught how to identify and eliminate all the conflicting beliefs, values, rules, attitudes and behavior blocking its financial objectives – without the conscious knowledge.

you can adjust the creative, financial, health and relationship goals of the conscious mind. But if your subconscious does not accept (because of conflicting beliefs, values ​​and rules), they will never reach them.

second self-hypnosis: the key to GENIUS, money, wealth, health and success.

Self-hypnosis is the fastest way to get the health care, financial success and definitely KEY genius.

Many people are familiar with the famous Napoleon Hill and the nightly & # 39; gatherings & # 39; his invisible counselors, nine left geniuses. His imagination, his conversations with these geniuses asking them to help and inspiration changing and reprogramming personality flaws and pitfalls. Read the chapter "The Sixth Sense," "Think and Grow Rich" by his best-selling book.

When this task, Napoleon Hill was in deep trance (hypnotic) state – even though they did not call it that way probably because it & # 39; Hypnosis & # 39; There was such an undeservedly bad reputation that these days. And even today, many people are still too superstitious to use self-hypnosis to achieve their goals.

The fact that it was the state of Albert Einstein when traveling while trying to formulate a ray of light "theory of relativity"? You guessed it. The light or deep trance.

Nikola Tesla, one of the world & # 39; s greatest inventive genius, it would go to & # 39; twilight & # 39; As a deep state of hypnosis and start working on all electromechanical inventions in his mind. He comes back to them days or weeks later to see the wear and whatever improvements were needed in each head.

Leonardo Da Vinci used to concentrate the wall until you go into trance in order to adhere to the Universal source where it is supposed to store all the answers.

Thomas Edison was known for "catnaps" during which the subconscious would provide answers to your questions. He trained himself to work without falling asleep in a deep trance, a box, yes, a metal box.

Mozart is not only good to ease yourself into a trance state, he is also a big & # 39; Channelization & # 39;. Meanwhile trance, she gets the music, as if someone dictated to him, and he was taking notes.

The great Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff lost his touch. She underwent hypnosis sessions. After these hypnotic suggestions, he wrote Concerto # 2, his most famous work, which is dedicated to the hypnotist.

Frederick Chopin, Goethe and Metternich was a serious student of hypnosis Strausbourg University, France.

Many people are familiar with "The Treasure Island" and "Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson works. What do not they know that every night you go to bed when she goes into a trance and tells the little "cake" in his head to come up with stories that would make him money.

was the famous financier JP Morgan on his yacht in a separate table. When faced with financial decisions, he will receive a deck of cards and play the & # 39; Solitaire & # 39; Games about an hour. After that, the answer would be clear in his mind. During all the time he was a transformed state, totally focused on the card game and was able to find a solution to the subconscious without the intervention of the conscious part of the mind.

Famous financier Henry Kaiser would go into a deep trance every night before going to bed and would give orders to his subconscious to perform. No wonder it was so successful. His method of geniuses. Read about it.

3. hypnotic trance STATES: The key to success

hypnotic trance (deep altered states) is the key to genius, health , wealth, love, you name it.

Once you develop the ability to hypnotize himself at will, then you can reprogram your mind in any way, shape or form they want it again.

talking about "going into a deep hypnotic trance." I speak not only functional alpha level, but full awareness of the deep Theta level – anywhere, anytime, at will!

Of course, there are techniques such as visualization, statements, NLP, and others that can be used to make changes in your subconscious computer. All of these methods is extremely increased when the hypnotic trance.

And there are many, many things that none of these techniques allow you to reach. Only a deep trance states will allow you to reach them – that's all habit and practice. Once you master the self-hypnosis, you can use the quickest method known people consciously bypass the conscious mind and implant a new beliefs, values, rules directly to the subconscious part of the mind that the changes you desire quickly and easily, and I, and achieve your goals their goals in this area, much faster than before – with the help of the subconscious mind. Use

deep altered states, you will be able to reach the deepest subconscious mind, change your self-image, train your subconscious mind to guide you to achieve all targets and reject all negative thoughts and beliefs it comes a day many outside sources.

Example 4 a few things you can achieve self-hypnosis USE

Here are some examples of things you could achieve self-hypnosis – a much faster and easier that using any other method.

4.1. CHANGING past and create an alternative reality

As I think of all those painful and hurtful memories of the past failures, rejections and failures of the past is full of memories of frustration and disappointment, how do you feel now about yourself, about what you can or can not do, Manage your current attitude, new problems and new challenges?

I bet you every time you go through those memories of failures and disappointments, you feel again the pain or humiliation. Those painful memories that make you feel like a failure, a loser, a hopeless, right?

Do you feel like someone carry this heavy load. And you probably do not have the enthusiasm or courage necessary to go ahead and deal with the head of something that is in your way.

Undoubtedly, all those memories of the past failures and setbacks and limits cast the Self-image is that if an individual is in today. And they inhibit me from all the power in the present.

What if the day had to be conscious of the old memories of failure and disasters of any money or other areas? They would be overwhelmed. And it would not be able to think about anything else. And it would not be able to function at all in any area of ​​your life.

To prevent this crippling situation, the subconscious mind is suppressed those memories, they are not conscious throughout the day. The subconscious has lost the use of valuable energy to protect tried to keep those memories out of consciousness most of the time.

This amount of energy will be ideal available to deal with the current and / or the future of your order. But this is not. A portion of the energy is unproductive or suppressed painful memories of the past. Therefore, if you like, instead of a Lamborghini or a Ferrari working only 4 or 5 cylinder 12.

Your self-image is all negative, painful, limiting recordings of himself, and based on the capabilities of the evaluation of the negative past events.

If you can, almost by magic, neutralize, or even eliminate these painful memories of failure, you believe that you will feel and behave differently?

If you could use some techniques that every time I thought about the past only remember so many wonderful memories and great accomplishments victory, you feel unstoppable perhaps even invincible?

would be the strongest. You can feel and behave like a Lamborghini or Ferrari cruising speed of 200 miles per hour to 12 cylinders. And he could accomplish anything they wanted.

message, why? Since changing memories have you changed your self-image. There will be a new neuron connections. You can create a completely different past has been filled with success and great victory.

How do you feel now, if you just remember always succeed if you do not remember the absence of anything? I always think of success, and never in terms of failure. I do not even think that you could possibly do. If you have an incredible confidence in yourself and your ability to achieve what you want.

in his book "Trance-formations", pg. 169, Richard Bandler and John Grinder stated that "a very nice thing about hypnosis is an opportunity to create an alternative history".

Then, pg.197 that, if past experience creating your life in some limiting beliefs associated attitudes and behaviors, reliving this experience exactly how it happened over and over again just to keep rebar those same limitations.

They also say that the therapist Virginia Satir, the famous Milton Erickson, MD, is the largest medical hypno-therapist that people regress in time, the deep trance and then relive those past experiences, but a totally different manner.

These are the people who have been rearranged, and again in different ways. So when I came out of the trance that was fundamentally different from the past, one that supports them, not restrict them.

Do you see the enormous consequences? You can go back to the old memories that money problems or all the old memories, where the wrong moves and you've got the wrong results, or if you lost money or were difficult to make money.

And then, you can replay those memories again and again. But now that I always succeed, it is always the right thing to do, still a lot of money easily, you can still manage all financial investments. He changed the past. It has created an alternative reality. And your mind to accept it to be true.

Can you imagine what it would be like how you would feel and how they behave, if you just remember to always be financially successful in the past? And if you could do a real deep hypnotic trance when the RAS (reticular activating system) is shut off, the real you, as if it actually happened, it is precisely this new way.

Would not it be wonderful if every time you think of past experiences with money (or any other field), just remember that you always successful? Just imagine for a moment if you only remember success after success. Do you think a lot of the energy that is wasted suppress those memories of the past mistakes, and pain and disappointment? Of course not. You may also feel invincible. And it'd be invincible in the financial area (or any area). And you act this way because of the self-image would be phenomenal.

The cash deep, deep hypnosis, people can be given alternate history. A person can create new memories & # 39; s mind. It does not matter that these things did not happen. To be a real mind. Create a new past. Just as it prepares for the future, when you visualize FUTURE EVENTS AND visualize and imagine them in the event that you want to point the way to make them happen.

require reprogramming of the past to be a very deep hypnotic trance. Light trance reason, it may take longer to desired changes.

4.2. USING THE IMAGINARY consultants

Many people have probably heard of Napoleon Hill and his book "Think and Grow Rich", famous throughout the world. This is one of the top best sellers of all times.

Ch.14 The book, "The Sixth Sense", he described an effective technique to use for many years and re-focus the self-image of the model itself after the fashion of a great man, and that he admired these qualities that you want to get.

Mr. Hill himself has stated that this method in order to overcome the disadvantages that he was born in an environment filled with limitations, superstition and ignorance.

First, the choice of nine great men admired Edison, Emerson, Burbank, Napoleon, Paine, Darwin, Lincoln, Carnegie and Ford. And he read everything in their lives. He also personally interviewed some of them, so he is very familiar with the thinking and work habits.

Then, he used the weapon auto-suggestion (familiar?) In order to obtain the specific features he wanted to imprint each one.

Every night before going to bed her image imagination of this great conference table sat this table saw all these great people. He was chairman of the board at these meetings.

He deals with each of the nine great men and I ask this unique imprint in the minds of traits that he, Napoleon Hill, you want it. He did it several months ago.

Another of his many books, he added that several times during normal business hours, you can pause for a minute or two, close your eyes, see the imagination of these great men sitting at the table, and he remind himself that he It will be like these people.

Later, he calls instructions for the next "Invisible Counselors" a lot of personal problems and those of its customers. And the guide was still appalling.

we have to realize that now Napoleon Hill was a "deep trance" state to imagine these great people talk to him and give him advice and imprinting subconscious computer wanted to acquire these these new beliefs, attitudes and behaviors famous people. Of course, he did not want to mention that the word "hypnosis" – which to this day TABOO some people whose minds are still dominated by the difficult and totally false religion – specifically the religious superstition and nonsense.

Use the same technique to get help and guidance to conduct financial goals.

just to see or imagine hat you see every night at bedtime, to be surrounded by the imaginary table characters such as Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Paul Getty, Aristotle Onassis, even Donald Trump or Bill Gates or anyone else you love, when money and wealth. They may be alive or dead, or fictional character. It works the same way

your head are all true, the reason being that the subconscious mind can not tell the difference between a "real" image and an "imaginary" picture if it vividly imagined or quite as many feelings / emotions. You can also ask for advice on what it does not do well, or how to improve their "batting" investment success of these "imaginary" character.

It should be understood that these imaginary meetings with imaginary characters to create the imagination – and nothing to do with other methods that allow you to adjust the embodiment of "personalities" geniuses of the past or other human beings, who have lived on this planet before, in order to receive help and guidance.

4.3. BECOMING genius in the past

Scientists from the former Soviet Union, the so-called parapsychologists have developed techniques to route anything to the American scientist it was in that area. And Soviet scientists did the Soviet government subsidies. One such technique was known as "artificial" reincarnation.

documented in the book entitled "Psychic Discoveries, behind the Iron Curtain," Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, the man most responsible for this technique was Dr. Vladimir L. Rainkov, a psychiatrist and a master hypnotist. You can read about it in a book titled "The Einstein Factor" Win Winger and Richard Poe, Ch 8, pg 160-182..

Dr. Rainkov said: "I am able to duplicate this phenomenon is only the subject of reincarnation is very deep trance."

The "Trance-formations," Richard Bandler and John Grinder in their book pg. 185-189, talk Deep Trance Identification, "the state of consciousness in which the subject's identity assumed someone …. one of the hardest hypnotic phenomena of all." Therefore, the subject should be an extremely trance deep in order to be able to implant the new topic has & # 39; and they besieged the mind without the prior belief system that includes the current identity.


selection of the most brilliant corresponds to the area where you want the subject to disappear, he / she read and learn as much as possible about this genius. Then Dr. Rainkov would hypnotize him / her, not just once but many, many times during a one week period, many of the "reincarnation" sessions.

While a very deep trance state, he would give him / her instructions to the effect that he / she is that genius, that he / she thinks, sees, acts, produces like, and all the talent and capabilities that genius. Some of these sessions began to include the subject of his / her personality, and to varying degrees, their talents and abilities that supposedly belonged to the particular genius. There was no substitution of personality.

Although hypnosis when the subject is believed that he / she was to genius, he / she has not forgotten who he / she was when she returned to full awakening of consciousness. But he / she is the new talents and abilities began to explode.

Notice that the subject must first learn everything possible personality he / she wants to materialize, so that his / her subconscious stores enough information about how the person can think, see and act .

would be completely useless to put you in the deepest trance and tells you to think, see and act like Einstein and Einstein to you. And I will bring you out of trance only to find out that they do not know who Einstein was this person, and I never heard from him throughout life. And how can the subconscious mind to think, see and act like someone that is not about pre-history?

In Win Wenger & # 39; s "The Einstein Factor" shows a couple of methods that do not go through a formal hypnotic induction. Wing & # 39; and a more refined version of the methodology used by Napoleon Hill.

And unlike W. Wenger says the person using this method even go into a self-inducing a trance state that there are no mistakes about it. The subject does not go through a formal induction. Yet, the very nature of the procedure, the light and maybe even a deep trance state can be achieved. Results will be much faster when it comes to very deep trance.

5. FUNCTION few people consciously alpha and theta

Due to lack of training, most people can not work more consciously on the alpha level. They fall asleep. On the other hand, geniuses operate at frequencies much lower than most people, especially the alpha and theta deepest level.

When you start practicing self-hypnosis train yourself to lower your brain wave frequencies, so if you start to work with the level at which your mind absorb new information more quickly and easily. And you will have access to the talents, skills and abilities that I do not know, it could have been.

The goal is to practice every day until able to operate in the deepest levels of alpha and theta still not asleep. The more you practice, the deeper will be able to go without sleep. And with a little practice, you should be able to work in a deep hypnotic trance while speaking people moving and walking around and his eyes "wide" open. And then, you will be able to achieve re- quire wonderful things.


I would like to warn you that once you are familiar using self-hypnosis, you will be very tempted, when faced with an unwanted habit or behavior to quickly hypnotize yourself and give yourself the new instructions on the & # 39; program & # 39; or imprint in your mind a new habit or behavior. Abstain to do it.

First, use what you have learned to identify what is responsible for limiting belief that habit or behavior. And then proceed to eliminate the new data before reprogramming faith is useless.

Otherwise, you open yourself to the dangers of "Symptom Exchange," which means that limiting beliefs / values ​​stored in the presence of which face each other in the new instructions and new goals you & # 39; Programming & # 39; the subconscious, one of the following occur:

(1), the new instructions completely rejected

(2) the new instruction time only temporarily accepted and a certain amount of go back to the previous belief / behavior / position

(3) the new instruction has been finally adopted – but the old limiting beliefs and values ​​that can be completed, a devastating spills in a completely different area of ​​your life and you do not have the slightest clue what and why this happens.


In a not too distant future, be regarded as a genius is much less admiration than it is today, it means self-hypnosis, it will be the normal operation of the genius level.

But at least, let me tell you that you can use self-hypnosis is very easy to change your self-image, improve financial talents, skills and abilities and help you to make more money, improve your health significantly skyrocket in inventive / creative genius and develop wonderful relationships. That should be enough to get you excited about the possibilities self-hypnosis.

Source by Albert Cristaldo

Quality earn a personal trainer

The personal trainer, many people say they feel confused and overloaded the abundance of health and fitness information out there. When I first started working out, I was not sure what to do either. As a result, mistakes made and spun wheels was a bit times. Slowly and steadily I have developed a system that made it possible to separate the correct bad data and make informed decisions that diet and exercise protocols for taking the time and effort. In this article, I & # 39; I'm going to explain how you decide who to consult and how you can apply the same principles to their own learning and to hire coach or personal trainer.

The first thing I look for when the information is science-based. Science provides a systematic approach to find answers to questions such as if a certain food is causing the cancer, or if a particular exercise protocol is better than another for a particular purpose. This is better than simply going down anecdote (for example, if someone says. "It worked for me") As a good scientific experiment is permanent and variable all just a test. The anecdote, it is not certain that other variables affect the result. For example, I & # 39; ve seen people start an exercise program, diet and a portion or all of the fat-burning supplement, at the same time attributes the results of the supplement. Although the results have been completely out of the diet and exercise.

Some red flags to watch out for are when the source relies heavily on anecdotal. Wild claims that sound too good to be true often founded in science. If such evidence is usually taken way out of context. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Another red flag if they expect to believe them simply because of who they are (eg guru, celebrity, or someone in great shape) and does not provide any references or methods claims. Those who try to discredit science as a good source of information, or to believe in conspiracy theories rarely authentic.

when hiring a coach or are considering an information source, look at the aforementioned red flags. Some good signs if you cite sources or advocate the scientific approach.

Academia is not for everyone. There are plenty of smart people who do not have advanced degrees or PhD. However, I would rather try for individuals who do not have a high level of education. I get a lot of information experts have advanced degrees and doctoral students in related fields. Anyone can read the study and draw conclusions from it. However, if this is the logical conclusion is well-founded one practical application of advanced knowledge and experience it will also hold a lot more weight.

If you are thinking of hiring a coach, you definitely need to authenticate with a reputable company. Ideal for multiple certifications and specializations in areas that are relevant to your goals. Having a bachelor's degree in a related field is fantastic.

There are things that come from personal experience that it does not belong to any book, article or a seminar. If you are looking for knowledge and guidance on health and fitness, look for someone who walks the walk in addition to talking the talk. There are things I do not know, fat burning, you do not lose my £ 30. So I suggest looking for someone to reach goals similar to yours.

It & # 39; It s also important to have experience with others. Results should be extended to the other. The source would not have found that what works well for them, and they could be successfully applied his own life, but others may be able to coach a completely different story. If you are looking for guidance to people or companies that show real results to the people to follow their methods.

Everyone is different. So it is important that people provide exercise and nutritional information, guidance and programming customized for the individual. In the event that an article on the insights of the author, to see how it fits on the advice of the situation. If you & # 39; hiring a coach, you have to ask a lot of questions before designing the program. If they are the only way to give everyone the same workout, or go to the seat of your pants, it's probably not the best workout for you and your goals.

Finally, look for someone who believes that a genuine and cares. What's really great coach, whether or not you care about your customers. If only one number, a dollar sign or a job that a person looking for health and fitness guidance, you will not get the best service. Look for professionals who are genuinely trying to help, and not just trying to make a buck. If you are selling something, or is distortion, they are ahead of him. It & # 39; It s also important to contact and confidence in the trainer. If you & # 39; They spend 2-3 hours a week with someone & # 39; It s important that you love them.

A good plan is to call and talk to a coach (or a few). Before committing, try a session or two with them. This will give you an idea of ​​who they are, the approach taken, and what training will be similar. It also gives you the opportunity to ask them any questions you might have. A good coach happy to talk to you, offering consultation and answer any questions you may have.

enormous amount of bad information or the context of health and fitness. There's also a lot of excellent information source and professionals in the fitness industry. As a result, it is difficult to know who to ask for guidance on health and fitness advice or a person. These methods should help to separate fact from fiction and useful methods to try. We also try to help professionals receive reliable guidance. Not every teacher will have every single one of these attributes, and that & # 39; It s all right. If you are looking for a coach, a who has the qualities that are most important to you. Most of all, they wish to contact, and it feels really wants to help you achieve your goals.

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By definition, perspective and Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is difficult to determine a sentence because of the range and depth of tradition, as well as yoga, the benefits of yoga therapy can be approached in different ways. It is important that a rational and unbiased determination of the people who are not accustomed to yoga, it is appropriate for people steeped in this practice and philosophy.

Yoga therapy is a specialized form of treatment, which includes a variety of yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation and guided imagery to enhance the physical and mental well-being. The main focus of this therapy is to inspire the unification of body, mind and soul. This special treatment is the use of yoga, where you have a specific health claim.

What are the applications of Yoga Therapy?

The main application of yoga therapy with one or more aspects:

(1) the right to develop the power of the senses, the power of muscles, concentration, gain power in difficult postures and the ability to work for extended periods of time. This sometimes use Shakti Karma.

(2) The use of yoga and yoga therapy to heal the specific problems, such as reducing the impurities in the body known as Dosha or energy centers He called the chakras or channels in the body. It's called Karma Chikitsa.

  • If the disease is present, you need to heal, called Chikitsa.
  • Where the disease is not present, it is necessary to prevent the so-called Rakshana.
  • If the disease is not present, and the individual has learned how to defend themselves, the practice needed the help of a coach, called Shikshana.

(3) The use of yoga postures to go beyond the physical and mental well-know or understand what is too limited sense of self, to understand one & # 39; s true self is not transformed witnesses existence – the so-called Purusha which converts all – is called Prakriti. This is called Karma Adhyatmik use of Sanskrit, and English names liberation Maya and Karma, recognition and worship of God.

from the main train of thought yoga therapy

  • Teach the exact things of man.
  • Variations of different people should be respected.
  • Teaching is the place from which the students come.
  • All students must be taught in accordance with his principles, etc. When
  • depends on the teaching time.
  • Depending on the occupation of the students, he should be taught different things. For example, an athlete must be taught in other ways, like a scientist.
  • One must know to be able to study how much ability, memory and time to practice.
  • The doctrine must comply with the direction keeping in mind.

Benefits of yoga therapy

amazing to see millions of people nowadays yoga to live day by day. Yoga therapy is also becoming mainstream in addition to the emotional well-being, as it focuses on healing the whole body, mind and soul. It strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system, body muscles, lungs and nervous system. It improves digestive problems; It helps to ensure the proper functioning of the digestive system and improve oxygen delivery to the body & # 39; s tissues.

In addition, important thing about this therapy is that you can easily set up soon in any form and style, as well as at the individual, such as old people are more benefits yoga yoga therapy practitioner president. Despite the fact that yoga therapy is a new form of treatment, it hails from an ancient practice. Since the clinically proven benefits, these days, most doctors reluctant to recommend this therapy to their patients. It helps treat a variety of health issues such as anxiety, headache, back pain, depression, insomnia or sleeplessness and so much more.

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The key benefits of Hot Yoga

used a lot of allegations about the benefits of hot yoga. These thoughts are often enthusiastic public hot yoga fanatic devotees expressing their love of the guru program. To evaluate the truth of these claims & # 39; It s necessary to overcome the bias and take a honest look at the nature of hot yoga. Teaching

According to Patanjali, the & # 39; father of modern yoga & # 39; the asana is one part of an eight-legged system to give greater understanding. Asana refers primarily to cleanse and strengthen the body to prepare lengthy meditations and increased energy. In this environment of hot yoga is best suited to assist in the removal of ama, or waste.

Ama is considered the cause of all disease. This is a by-product of improper metabolism. This is not only related to digestion, but also includes all of the creation of the entire body. Ayurveda clarifies that there are seven tissue systems formed in the human body. Any failure of creating these tissues can lead to the accumulation of disease-causing AMA. Heat helps stoke the Agni and assists the efficient production of such mechanisms.

The body removes these three ways: sweating, urination and defecation. Hot Yoga improves metabolism, which helps to direct toxins to their proper removal areas. Only small amounts of toxins actually sweated out. Now let the urine and faeces. The urinary system of the body & # 39; and temperature control, so that the hot practicing yoga promotes frequent urination, so that the expulsion of those already stored in the system.

Hot Yoga directs the added heat from the digestive fire, ensuring that the food will be broken down properly and those removed. asana through cleaning is not limited to the physical world. After the gross ama removed, prana, subtle energy, allow to surge to move freely in the body for energy. Fine ama is also known as karma. Removing karmas of the subtle body of the overall goal of each asana practice. This will start the process of awakening described by Patanjali.

who are called yogis doing yoga, anyone aspiring to greater understanding. Yoga requires to be closer to look at the activities and intentions. Enjoy your asana class, but be careful not to become complacent. Explore the rich wisdom based on yoga. The benefits of hot yoga on the top tip of the iceberg.

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What are the benefits of yoga?

for the treatment of Yoga has been widely regarded as matters of the heart, the mind and the body, and a number of benefits. We & # 39; You'll see it.

more relaxed

The major benefit of yoga in the human body, relax the mind. Yoga has been known to people in a relaxed state of mind, one where they temporarily forget the problems. This relaxed state of mind can help people think more clearly and in turn help them lead a better life style. Full relaxation of mind to other benefits such as added energy to your daily routine and happiness. Feeling content of the mind leave you feeling content in your body.

More flexibility

The poses involved when performing yoga gives you the flexibility. During the daily yoga routine, you will find it much easier to stretch or certain positions easier. Flexibility is often directly related to yoga, yoga usually requires flexibility. It increases flexibility means that there will be a greater movement, the use of which is useful in some situations. Stretching the muscles will also give an opportunity to relax them. Another advantage of the flexibility of yoga is that you will not feel sore or tired after performing yoga. Stretching also helps to cure you of disease, such as back pain.

reduce stress

Yoga is also known for it & # 39; s ability to reduce stress. Many people agree that exercise is good for normal stress, but yoga is as good if not better in relieving stress. Concentration is required to maintain the balance and turn it distract you from unwanted problems. Yoga effectively eliminate stress, as it allows you to focus on other things, like peace of mind and concentration. One of the reasons you are forced to focus on yoga, because of the difficult. Hundreds combination of yoga, all with different styles and difficulty levels.

Add to detox

Detoxification is important in order to maintain a healthy balance of oxygen in the body. When, during the next stages of yoga, it allows oxygen to other parts of the body that do not receive as much. This in turn will not only use more energy, it also helps to reduce the effects of aging of the skin and body. Toxins in the blood causes the body to stress, and helps speed up the aging process. If you remove these toxins from the body it helps to keep the skin from wrinkles and refresh your whole body.


Although yoga does not look like exercise at first glance, yoga is actually perfect weight loss. In order to lose weight by performing yoga, follow your schedule each week and perform in every situation suggested a yoga instructor. Yoga helps reduce stress, which may be the cause of excess weight on your body. Yoga also has been known to burn calories and fat, which can also help you lose weight. Yoga helps the body parts of different shapes, helping them toned and more muscular. Reviving the core can be difficult, but a few yoga positions allow the core and lose weight.

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Spa etiquette – how to proceed and what to expect from the Day Spa

This is the first time a day spa? You are probably apprehensive about the new experience and nervous because you do not know what to expect, or do not know the etiquette practices. Here are some ideas to help you fit through the bathroom and the smallest stress greater relaxation, which is the entire mission a day spa.

arrive on time

It is important that you arrive at least 15 minutes early to the meeting, thus saving time and complete all the necessary paperwork, and change your clothes. You might want to come early and take advantage of the spa & # 39; s sauna or steam room to relax more.

When scheduling your appointment, make sure that the time between the pads in the large spa appointments and other scheduled transactions. This is important because the feeling tense time deny the calming effect of massage. If for some reason can not get a meeting, call the day spa for at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting. This is common courtesy and requirements of the many spas in order to avoid a cancellation fee.

Maintain Silence

When you arrive, immediately turn off your mobile phone to maintain a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Also, make sure to speak softly, like a library. You're not the only one trying to relax at the day spa so that all the social conversation with a small amount and not to have children.


Most people are most concerned about this aspect of day spa. It is customary to undress completely in the massage, it involves jewelry. Towels and robes provided by most of the spas and should be used when walking from one room to another. The therapist instructs, and then leave the room while you are lying on the table and clothes drape over the body.

During treatment, the private parts remain covered at all times. If disrobing makes you uncomfortable, feel free to wear a swimsuit or leave your underwear. Also, if you prefer a same-sex therapist to mention that when scheduling the meeting.

Enter the therapist Feedback during

to communicate with the massage therapist. If you want a change in pressure, music, room temperature, or about, tell them. They want to be comfortable, and follow your lead. Also make sure to tell them all the problem areas, and if you experience pain.

to respect the schedule

After the massage, the therapist will tell you that the time to get up, do not start to feel dizzy or light headed. I will leave you alone in the room, but this is not the time to take a nap. The right time to lie on the table for 5-10 minutes before the uprising.

Do not take more than this, because the room must be disinfected and prepared for the next scheduled patients. If you feel you need more relaxation time, most spas, relaxation room which for this purpose. Care does not intend to rush anyone, but I still have a schedule to follow.


It is customary and polite to tip the therapist that provided the treatment. This happens when checking out and paying for the procedure not only gave the therapist. Like restaurants, the peak should be at least 15-20% of the cost of the procedure.

If you are still nervous the whole experience, tell the staff that this is the first time the entire visit. This ensures that you will get more detailed instructions and do everything they can to make your trip a positive and relaxing at the day spa.

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How to Plan and Design Ayurvedic Wellness Spa

Today's hectic lifestyle and getting busier of the day, one thing that is becoming scarce all the time available to you, a & # 39; s family or their welfare. This scenario is not only scary, but also dangerous, because disaster is a physically and mentally healthy body inside. This realization gave birth to a profitable niche business globally – Wellness Business. Today, wellness centers around the world are doing booming business. Although there are no reliable data are available, conservative estimates target a huge $ 250 billion figure the size of this market, and even more than that.

The global competition in the wellness industry spawned a number of styles and wellness therapies emerge. The latest fad seems to be the traditional Indian system of Ayurveda. Although there are many well-designed ayurvedic wellness centers in India and in particular his hometown in Kerala, which is interesting to note that a strong need for this therapy is generating a lot of interest in the luxury hospitality industry. You can find today ayurvedic wellness centers and luxury hotels Resort Spa & # 39; s worldwide.

The science of Ayurveda is based on the idea that the universe is composed of five elements, which the air, fire, water, earth and space (ether). All these elements are present to us three energies called "doshas", ie Vata, Pitta and Kapha. If any power higher than the proportion formed in the body, the balance of elements is impaired, the body loses its balance. Every human being has a specific ratio and maintaining wellness depends on this essential balance. The science of Ayurvedic therapy helps to maintain energy balance or dosha.

Planning Ayurvedic wellness center is a complex task. This not only requires in-depth knowledge of the science of Ayurveda, the science of Vastu but for best results. The treatment is very self-centered and therefore very close attention. A well-designed Ayurvedic wellness center therefore consists of three basic parts.


Because the therapy is very focused individual, it requires direct experience with a & # 39; Ayurvedic body and individual counseling by medical experts. A well-equipped rooms, it is necessary to sit in the spa finder to evaluate their energy levels and suggest remedies wellness.

Therapy Rooms

There are several therapy rooms provided, the number depends on the demand, and as a market survey. There are various types of therapy, and is therefore subject to the furniture in the room are different therapy is recommended. Typical operating room, however, will be a single piece of wood table called 'duty' to Ayurvedic massage therapy. Each room has its own steam box is connected to the central steam. The rooms also have their own attached bathroom or shower room.

Yoga / Meditation / workout room

Because Ayurvedic wellness because of physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the body, good ayurvedic wellness center is equipped with an area where the search engine wellness perform yoga exercises or meditation practice provided for a specific period of therapy to the entire result.

Ayurvedic wellness center and Ayurvedic spa at the right called to take care of two other factors that are essential. First of all, you need a qualified and experienced therapists on the one hand and the other therapeutic counseling. The second element in the therapy and therapeutic medium or various plant oils, powders and flavorings massages, body wraps baths. Some of the best ways ayurvedic spas architecturally specified that seems to brush the inner nature. Creating a traditional atmosphere assumed great importance in the overall personality of the bath.

Wellness in itself is a thriving and financially lucrative business. Ayurvedic spa business is profitable because it does not offer a "preventive" and "curative" therapy attracting both healthy people wanting to healthy and not so healthy wanting to get well. However, it is best to concentrate on the preventive aspects of spa therapies than to embrace the healing aspect as well. This would result in a "Spa" character of the facility diluted. Because someone wants to take part in a billion-dollar business, my advice would be that he should take the services of a professional advisor to ensure that begin with technologically reliable and financially viable footing.

your permission to publish this article without any change what so ever electronically, in print, e-book, or website, for free, as long as the author's lines are included.

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